CTA Services
CTA Services

CTA Services offers a full range of operational support to assist Commodity Trading Advisors in running their businesses, including:

Monthly performance tables and capsules

Our performance reporting is powered by TheBooks software from DMAXX (check it out at www.dmaxx.com). TheBooks is an extremely powerful and comprehensive software solution for running a CTA business, delivered to you by CTA Services as your service bureau. Your programs are tracked and reported on a daily basis by investor and in total, with monthly results available just after month end. Reports include 13-column tables for each program and each investor, as well as capsules suitable for use in disclosure documents and tracking databases.

Fee calculations and invoices

We’ll prepare investor invoices for FCMs and institutional investors immediately after month end. If you like, we can even submit them electronically or by mail on your behalf, so you can get paid quickly and easily.

Daily NAV reporting

Because TheBooks is designed to track your business on a daily basis, it’s a simple matter to provide daily NAV updates to you for each of your programs and/or daily NAV updates for individual investor accounts. Just provide an e-mail address for each and we’ll send them out every day for you.


We offer plenty of flexibility for handling your trade allocations, from simple pro rata based on account size to more complicated methods based on several variables. We’ll work with you and your executing broker to establish the best process for your unique situation. We believe the best process is the one that lets you continue to trade the way you’re used to trading, frees up your time and ensures that trades get done correctly the first time around.

Trade error resolution

Our first job every day is to verify that all of your trades were executed correctly. We can report errors to you for follow-up or we can contact FCMs directly on your behalf.

Disclosure documents

If you’re new to the CTA business, we can prepare your disclosure document and help you find an attorney to conduct a final review. We can also handle routine updates to your documents.

Due diligence materials

We have developed a comprehensive binder that provides almost all of the information generally requested by institutional investors considering their first allocation with you. We’ll prepare it for you and keep it updated on a regular basis so that you can respond to due diligence requests quickly.

Third party database updates

There are a wide variety of databases that track managed account program results and make them available to investors worldwide. Unfortunately, each has its own unique way of collecting your reports every month, which makes this a tedious and time-consuming process. We’ll help you select the databases that make sense for your programs and will report your results for you.

Investor file cabinet

If record-keeping is not your strong suit, you’ll love this service. We’ll keep required records for each of your managed accounts (receipt of disclosure document, customer agreements, power of attorney forms, trading level changes) as PDF files that are always instantly accessible. Just fax, e-mail or mail investor records to us and we’ll keep you audit-ready every day.


We have excellent relationships with leading legal, compliance and brokerage firms and would be happy to point you in the right direction based on your unique situation.

Consulting Services

Perhaps you’re considering opening your own CTA business and want to get a detailed picture of what’s required to run it successfully, or need help with a special project for a large institutional investor considering an allocation with you. Whatever the need, we can help or find someone else who can.