CTA Services
CTA Services

As a CTA running your own trading business, you may find the following articles and resources useful and informative. We’re always in search of articles, studies, or other information that our CTA clients may find helpful. If you have something you’d like to contribute to our site, please contact us.

CTA GuideWhether you’re a new CTA or have been in the business for years, this Guide to Becoming a Commodity Trading Advisor created by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (www.cmegroup.com) contains a good overall view of what it takes to succeed in our highly regulated industry. It also includes an appendix entitled “How to Survive Your First NFA Audit”.

Disclosure DocumentsThe National Futures Association’s Disclosure Documents: A Guide for CPOs and CTAs gives detailed information as to exactly what must be included in a CTA’s disclosure document, as well as an overview of the filing and review process required to get your disclosure document approved for use with investors. It’s also available at www.nfa.futures.org.

CTA InsightsThis guide from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s web site (www.cmegroup.com) called Issues and Insights for Starting a CTA Business is divided into sections regarding business and operations, compliance, trading and risk management. It gives practical advice that all new or emerging CTAs should consider.

FNA FuturesThe National Futures Association (www.nfa.futures.org) offers two checklists that CTAs can use to help ensure they are running their businesses according to regulatory requirements. The first is called General Self-Examination Checklist For All Registration Categories and the second is called Supplemental Checklist for CTAs. These can be helpful in preparing for an NFA audit.